Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seeing the Big Picture

Dennis and I are looking forward to a weekend away after about a year and a half of full-time mommy and daddy duty. This is a very exciting prospect for us and our destination is a surprise to Dennis. I am extra excited because I not only know the destination for the weekend, I get to see the pieces falling into place before we get there and I am sensing that God is working toward a beautiful change in our lives. I don't think Dennis has a clue how much bigger this is than just a weekend away because he can't see the whole picture. Even I can't see the big picture, I just see a little more than he does. I believe this is how it is with God and our lives. He has such amazing, wonderful plans for us and we see a fraction of it. Like my husband in our weekend get-away, all we know is there's a destination that sounds great.

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