Friday, July 13, 2018

Visiting New Life

Visiting New Life and doing the intake unglued me.  Questions were asked that threatened my entire reality and I thought I was losing my mind.  I left there and sought a church, my church.  The first church that Dennis and I had called "home" together.  The church that baptized us as adults.  The doors were closed and locked.  I could see no one.  No person was there to help me.  It was me and God and that was good.

Between the wasted space of a building closed (when there is so much need in the world) and locked doors, I began to question why?  Why do we do church this way.

I hit the farm wall

Last week I was so angry, so discouraged.  We've been taking step after step towards having a farm.  We dreamed of buying our own small piece of land and building a farm on it.  We've had gardens and we have animals.  We are a suburban farm family. I like it because it's different.  I gave up.  Ripped up Dennis' paper and said I am completely done with the farm.  I'm out, no more.  And then God took over.

God gave mom and I a dream of a rehab agency.  The farm and rehab agency seem to be merging.

My heart is to share our animals with kids who struggle in whatever way to meet the demands of this world and can benefit from interacting with our environment.

including but not limited to autism, sensory issues, trauma (trauma causes sensory issues)

The question came to mind "Maybe we don't need as much as we think we do for the farm"

And then God gave us Franconia.