Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Philippians 4:6 - Be Anxious For Nothing

Yesterday I had a Phil 4:6 moment.  We had a garage door repair guy out and I was stressed before he even arrived about the potential cost.  I really had myself worked up about it (and didn't know how worked up I was).  How would we repair this and build the chicken coop that our new flock needed?  The repair guy not only fixed it to the point where it will close, he got the garage door opener to work too, which we haven't been able to use for over 6 months.  All of that will cost us $89 if we don't replace the panel that could use replacing.  If we replace that panel, it won't cost us extra.  My first thought was "Why do I ever doubt You are taking care of us, Lord?"

Something I am doing this morning is just meditating on that first phrase "be anxious for nothing" and asking what is really weighing me down.  What do I need to give up?  And are the things I am concerned with included in the admonition of that scripture?  Quick answer is yes.  Long answer is do I believe it?

Praying a day of peace and love and an uncovering of what's weighing you down.