Friday, June 24, 2011

God's Gifts Are All Good

Our weekend away was to a prayer cabin in Wisconsin. While we were there, Dennis and I both sensed a move to Siren in our future. We also both got from God that Dennis would be quitting his job and we've been desiring to home school Faith for some time. She is extremely bright and extremely sensitive. We think she could benefit greatly from more experiential learning than traditional school can offer. With Dennis at home, she'd have an exceptional teacher. Dennis has wanted to live on a lake for as long as we've been together and Siren is literally surrounded by lakes. You'd have to try hard not to live on a lake :) I'm kidding of course but if you know Siren, you know what I'm talking about. We both felt like God was offering us the gift of our dream life. And thinking of Dennis and the move to Siren, homeschooling Faith, our lives together as missionaries, ministers, business partners. The Hope Chest, mom and me, and the other things whirling around in our lives, how can one not see the Glory of our God?

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