Friday, July 13, 2018

Dreams Interpreted

In looking back over my entries, I saw the one about the dream I had in the Linwood house many years ago.  In the dream, we were moving and it was a joyful event.  I took that to mean that we wouldn't be foreclosed upon and that dream carried me for years.  I felt it was prophetic and I couldn't fathom any outcome where we'd leave joyfully and be going into foreclosure. The dream was absolutely true.  We did leave Linwood with lots of expectancy for a much better future and God was giving us a beautiful, brand new home on 4 acres with plenty of room to further pursue our farm dreams.  But the old home was still going to be foreclosed upon.  Lord, help me be courageous when you call on me to tell parts of our story.  Someone somewhere needs this encouragement.

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