Monday, March 1, 2010

Upcoming opportunities

I decided to do a second post today because this one is actually FUN and the first was a little heavy. Hopefully you've read an earlier post where I talk about serving some church planters. The church I'm supporting is in Iowa and I called to ask how I might come and physically serve. I've been praying for them for weeks but I was hoping to come and set up for a service or help them in some other way. I had checked out their website and found that they are a very missional church, meaning they spend alot more time OUT serving their community than most churches I know of. Very cool. And then I found out that they are supportive of church planters - so much so that they set aside 10% of the offerings they receive to financially support church planters. This is too much fun! What a great match! So last week I called and spoke with the pastor and he said they had an upcoming Easter egg hunt in Des Moines that they were working on and could really use help with. Easy. I'll be there! I expressed how excited I was and wished it was sooner. He then mentioned that the 2nd weekend in March they were doing a HOMELESS outreach. And the 2nd Saturday in March I was available. I hope you are seeing how beautifully God can orchestrate things. It is AMAZING.

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