Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Commissioned for service

Our house was commissioned for God's service almost two years ago when three of the 4 families represented in the Posse came over and prayed throughout the house. At the time we thought we would be a house church and that still may be the case but right now we are not. Right now we are a fractured lot. I am in the middle of a fast of undetermined length and God is bringing great clarity as well as tearing down strongholds in my own life as well as those of Loved ones. And He reminded me yesterday of the commissioning which happened prior to Cheri moving in. I was so excited! We ARE called to this, whatever this is. It's a ministry of living WITH instead of around. I am so thankful to this day that we got to be in Kevin's life. Cheri was not here as a result of my sin, lack of prayer, etc. etc. etc. She was here by GOD's design. OH MY. Free, free, free
Thank you Jesus.

This was written in early 2012.

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