Monday, December 27, 2010

Down Time

It's December 27th and the "Holiday Season" is winding down. This is my absolute favorite time of year because Dennis is home with us usually for 10 days in a row and it doesn't cost him 10 days of vacation time. We are so abundantly blessed in Dennis' job and God's provision. We have so much to thank Him for.

I am between quarters at Bethel and the first quarter was an amazing experience. I can't recap all that happened but there were so many lessons inside and outside of the classroom. I particularly appreciated the wisdom of our professors and the safety of the environment at Bethel. I feel cared for and nurtured and unafraid to ask questions, and this is a college! I would say making students feel cared for is outside the scope of any college's objective. Aren't they just there to educate? But I think that what they do for us is really what Bethel is all about. Oh yeah, and I did actually learn things about leadership and Bible interpretation! At least I had my view of these things expanded. It was awesome. I would not trade it.

I don't know if I've blogged about where God has us right now as far as serving in a faith community? In the fall we moved to the Chisago Lakes campus of Maranatha to attend and serve. We've been teaching Sunday school, children's church and now Dennis is teaching an adult Sunday school class. We pretty much do all of our "work" together. He helps me with children's church (which he didn't sign up for!) and I help him with the adult class if I have no little ones for Sunday school. We've been so blessed too in that Faith has had awesome Sunday school teachers - so dedicated and committed. They do a really nice job and teach the kids more than I've ever seen before. My experience is that sundays for kids are basically glorified babysitting with a little learning mixed in. I love Denise's (our kid's program director) focus on learning for them. We are really making disciples under her leadership!

I could go on and on because every day seems like an exciting new thing happening. Really there is never a day without God guiding us or teaching us something about Himself. I believe Dennis is on the verge of having his own business, which is a life long dream for him. God has been working with both of us to get that done.

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