Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Continuing on the Journey

I've now been at Bethel for 5 weeks, pursuing my master's in Community Ministry Leadership. An interesting thing has happened in the last few weeks, actually lots of them, but there is one in particular I am interested in writing about. I believe God has moved me to the point where I am ok with, embracing if you will, the probability that I am leading the house church ~ at least until it is firmly in place and can be turned over. Why is that significant? Well for starters, I have been fighting for a few years to overcome paradigms I bought into about women in ministry. Since I didn't grow up in church, I didn't have alot of notions about what women could or should do, I just had believed the lie that was perpetuated that women shouldn't lead. Unbeknownst to me, I was still not able to embrace a woman leading a church at all. I wanted to and I felt God wanted me to, but I struggled with that. It was very interesting the shift that took place when I not only realized but embraced the call I believe God has for me at the moment. I'm excited because everything we're working on supports that as well and what I believe is in our future is connected too.

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