Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Personal Point

I didn't know who to share this with so I decided to blog it. I started Bethel Seminary this week and one of my classes is called Transformational Leadership. I have spent my entire adult life learning about business leadership - as a HOBBY. I'm telling you what I did for fun was read books about leadership. I know, sick, sick, sick. And boring! But that was my recreation. Anyway, since becoming a Christian one of my most pressing questions is "What does God have to say about this?". To give you an example, I learned a lot of things in my 16 or so years of secular (and pre-Christian) business life - not all of them good and not all of them right in God's eyes. So a tremendous challenge has been to sift through that information and discern what to keep and what to leave. Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth! So I'm reading my syllabus and see that one of the recommended readings is a "classic" leadership book in business. And then I came to realize that I no longer have to worry that I may buy into something I shouldn't. I feel relief learning in Bethel's environment.

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