Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heeding the call

It was April of 2009 and I had just finished 2 intense weeks of something called "Brain State Conditioning". To keep on topic, I won't go into the details of what that is but you can do a google search and find lots of information about it. The result of my Brain State Conditioning was healing from trauma and a much deeper relationship with God. A day or two after my Brain State training was complete, I was sitting in a shop having a cup of coffee and a danish. I started chatting with God (in my head, not aloud of course!) and He asked me if I'd be willing to open a coffee shop and Christian bookstore in my mom's town. I remember having lots of questions and to understand what those questions might be, you'd have to know that my mom lived 3 hours from where my husband and I and our family were living. The town was in Northwest Wisconsin and had about 300 people. I'd love to say I just jumped up and said "YES! Anything You ask of me Lord" but that's not exactly the way it happened. The "logical" side of me asked the questions and when I got the answers, I said "OK God, what's next?" and the Holy Spirit prompted me to "Say yes!" and I was absolutely floored. The God of the Universe who could just command me to do something and I would certainly do it was giving me a chance to accept or not accept this amazing assignment! This is something I was in awe of for quite some time. In retrospect, I see it as proof of God's unbelievable love for us. We are His children. This was a dream assignment because I loved my mom dearly and it had been difficult at times to live so far from my parents. But now I was going to get to serve the Lord and have a reason to be closer to her! Heaven was coming to earth....

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