Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Preparing for the January 2019 fast

I know that God was helping me prepare for this fast.  I had fasted before and was prepared for it.  Grace # 2, God took my hunger little by little, over weeks.  About 5 days before the fast I realized I couldn't eat the portion sizes I had been previously.  A single chicken sandwich overfilled me.  God had me give mom my fasting book around Thanksgiving so He was preparing her too.  And I had time to replace the book for myself.  Dennis is on board and praying.  Dennis also mentioned having video resources.  So far I haven't found those, but I have a line up of christian movies and other enjoyable non christian movies to watch.  I am saturated in prayer and the Word.  Plenty of resources for both.  Dennis and I talked about reading the Bible all the way through and then my sister-in-law invited us to follow a reading plan with her.

My therapist had mentioned Chip Ingram and his teaching on Spiritual Warfare and it has come to mind.  The enemy was in full force in the days and weeks leading up to the fast but God kept me safe and protected.

In a previous fast, I had the vision of principalities crumbling in the spiritual.  This time it was within me, right behind my eyelids.

The theme of this fast is family so I am anticipating good things for family.  I don't know what that looks like but I am guessing strongholds will be torn down.

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