Sunday, September 15, 2013

His Love

This weekend I had the great pleasure of returning to one of my favorite places to meet God - The Wilderness Fellowship Ministries in Frederic, Wisconsin.  He always shows up and it had been awhile, maybe a year, since I'd spent that kind of focused time alone with Him in a prayer cabin.  I arrived at 3pm on Friday and it took that day and a good portion of Saturday to finally relax into His presence.  Probably every hour I'd wonder if I could go home (I missed my family) or meet up with any number of people I would love to see in that neck of the woods.  I pictured myself as a child, desperately wanting to go outside and play and God being my mom or dad trying to savor every moment with me before He let me go.  And I believe that to be so.  He was pursuing me and He was trying to savor every moment He got to breathe me in before I left to go back into the world.  Can you imagine?  The Creator of the Universe wants to breathe you in too.  Every chance He can.  He wants to feel your heartbeat next to His and hold you close.  Can you believe that cuddling you would bring Him great joy?  It's beyond my comprehension, but I believe it.  That is the depth of His Love for us and it is absolutely mind boggling to me.

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