Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Three Days and Beyond

I started the 3-day fast referred to in my last post on January 11, 2012. I had fasted before and my fasts were usually no food, only water, from sun up to sun down for 1 to 3 days. I only fast when I feel led to and in the manner I feel led to. I try not to undertake it in my own strength because I did it once and it didn't go so well. Now I wait on the Holy Spirit to nudge me and all I need is provided every time.

This particular fast quickly became different than any other. I could understand things of God in a way I never had before. I remember on the 3rd day having this sense of the ground shaking in the heavenlies. I pictured principalities of the enemy set up around each person and decided that if fasting had the power to tear those down, why wouldn't I want to do that for each person I loved? My 3-day fast would turn into 40 and the first people to be fasted for were my mom, a friend of hers, and our nephew Tyson. That way of fasting would continue into the next week. A new person or group of people would come to mind and I would pray and fast for them the entire day. I told some of the people I fasted and prayed for that I was doing it and many of them seemed to be blessed by the knowledge. Some even decided to pass on the blessing and fast for those they felt moved to.

During the first twelve days, there were occasions when I would read scripture and a particular verse would really "pop" for me. I knew it was to be prayed over a certain person. One case in particular was for a friend who has epilepsy. I knew the scripture was a promise that his seizures would be gone. Also during that first 12 days, I fasted water only, sun up to sun down, for 5 days. The next 7 days were only water, all day, every day. That was the point where my husband got concerned and I think started to pray. I told him I would stop when God said I should and that put his mind at ease. I remember during that time wondering what it would be like to eat nothing for the next 30 days. I wasn't sure I was up for that!

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