Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Days Twelve Through Thirty

My water only fast of 7 days ended on a Sunday while I was in church. I was surprised by it because I thought I was headed to 40 on the same path. I am very grateful it did end because I wasn't prepared to undertake a 40 that way. When I ate, I ate more than my body could handle and I hurt myself. God is so good to us though. He knew what I was capable of and He protected me. I've read that a fast, incorrectly broken with too much food too soon can result in death. If you've undertaken a fast you may have experienced how hard it can be to stop yourself because believe me, you are hungry!

The next few days I did not fast at all and after that it was sporadic - first a few hours. I remember one Sunday feeling led to fast and the fast ended by communion later that morning (about 11am). During this time my eyes were so open to God at work around me! Eventually I was back to fasting every day sun up to sun down again. And then came day 30.

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