Friday, November 25, 2011

Praying in Public

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it was a wonderful day. It started out a little tough as I didn't realize that the pain of my parents divorce and the fallout from that had been bubbling up to the surface for a few days and it was coming to a head. This year I wasn't going to bury it - I had done that for 15 years. Fortunately, I have a fantastic husband who gave me some space to take a little time to myself to process it. All he asked in return was that I bring him a latte.:-) And Starbucks was open to help me with that!

I think things came to a head because I wasn't seeing anyone from my own biological family this year. A true blessing! Really? Does she not like her family or what??? No, I love my family, but healing is always good - no matter how initially painful it is. Normally we try to juggle family visits and that can be a challenge, but I was ok doing that so we could see as many of our loved ones as possible. This year I was not seeing either of my parents or our oldest child even. It literally felt like my heart was breaking into pieces. I am extremely grateful for my husband's family and that they've loved me as one of their own. And grateful for the many, many ways we are blessed, so I knew this difficulty would be temporary. I just had to let it hurt a bit and take it to the One who heals it all and let Him comfort me.

I got to Starbucks and sat down at a table by the window. I love coffee shops and am completely at home by myself sipping my beverage of choice, having a chat with God (in my head of course!). I overheard a man near me having a conversation on his cell phone with his father, who was flying somewhere. At the end of his conversation he ended with "I love you dad". I took note that there was something different about the man because dad seemed to be complaining about things. He was very patient. And not many people end conversations in public these days the way he did. At least I haven't witnessed it. It took me a little deeper into my pain because in my family we end our conversations the same way. That was not a bad thing. The man walked toward the front counter and I didn't think much more about it. I was pondering, and I heard a man behind me praying with his little one, thanking God for their food. When I got up, I noticed it was the man from the phone conversation. Their praying was like music to my ears. I often wonder what people think when Dennis and Faith and I pray in public. I suppose there are mixed reactions. On this particular day, their prayers were a special gift to me. I was comforted because I knew I could turn around and talk with these people. If I wanted to, I probably could've asked them to pray with me and they would've gladly done it. And to hear him just felt like God wrapping Himself around me. It made me think about who is really listening when we pray in public. It may not just be the person who doesn't yet know God. It may be the brother or sister who desperately needs to feel His touch.

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