Monday, October 10, 2011

What does our dog have in common with God?

We have an old golden retriever named Reeses and a new puppy named Jewelz. Jewelz is very much like the little girl (our daughter Faith) who picked her out - feisty and full of energy! A couple of days ago, while I was trying to pray and have a little time with God (at about 5:30am!), Faith and Jewelz were both up and Jewelz wanted attention. Faith was sitting on my lap and Jewelz was barking and barking at us to pick her up and give her some love. Our golden retriever proceeded to position himself between us and Jewelz, following her every move, until she calmed down and gave up the chase. He was very gentle with her but held his position. He outweighs and outranks her by about 75 pounds and 10 years. He could've easily showed her who's boss and probably put an end to her persistent pursuit with a stern growl or a gentle nip. He didn't even do that. He just moved with her as she tried to find a way to get around him and reach us. I imagined God's protection of us to be similar. In fact Jesus has already done what Reeses was doing. He has put Himself between us and everything that would harm us, including sin and death. Thank you Lord for your son.

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