Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hope Chest Revelations

I am at mom's for the "official" opening of The Hope Chest and so much has become clear in the last couple days. This is definitely not a bookstore the way we understand bookstores because we're not selling anything. It's also not a library because we're not lending anything. It's a gift that we believe God wants to give this community to demonstrate His amazing love to them. He extended the invitation, He inspired the ideas, we just agreed to be the helpers and what a privilege! You know, He is the God of the Universe, who spoke all this into existence. He could've spoke this place and this place could've appeared instantaneously complete. Instead, He allowed us to be a part of it, allowed us to create in it, and gave us an awesome gift. The books are plentiful, the space and mom's yard is beautiful, and we are ministered to as well as we get to minister. I'm sure if you asked mom, she'd share the same sentiment. Partnering with God to create this has been as much gift to us as it has been for the community. And for two years she got to enjoy the little slice of heaven on the back of the house, almost entirely to herself.

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