Saturday, August 14, 2010

What A Day

Faith and I went over to Mom's house yesterday to tie up some loose ends for the Hope Chest. We had about 7 boxes of items to be given away that I was planning to inventory and mom had agreed to distribute the items as needs in her community were brought to her attention. I was also going to help her make sure her bookkeeping was up to date. That was pretty much the agenda. We had an awesome day - one I wanted to write down and take note of because I knew it would be a day that changed the trajectory of things to come. August 13, 2010.

On the 2 and a half hour drive to Mom's, I got a call from a woman at Bank of America who says she works in the office of the president. I'd been working with her to try to get an issue resolved that had been going on for a year. When she called to say she believed it was fixed, I knew this wouldn't be an ordinary visit. God was going to do a great work in the two days we'd be there.

We arrived and Mom and I started catching up and Faith played with her favorite toys at Grandma's. We prayed for whatever needs came to mind over about a five hour period. Some situations we could feel a shift in immediately. It was awesome. Mom had to work, so we went with her to Ladysmith and Faith and I played at the park until she was done. The three of us headed to the Rusk County Fair afterwards and stayed there until about 6:45pm when a very menacing storm blew in. We left and went to Wal-Mart to buy a few things and then went back to Mom's house. We left Winter without seeing any thing I would call life changing or earth shattering. I am trusting God that what I sense about this day being a big deal is going to be made known down the line. And if I know God, what was happening in the heavens might just bring me to my knees.

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