Friday, July 2, 2010

Turning Point

This past Sunday was the 4th of July and in our country (the United States of America), we celebrate declaring our independence from English rule. I think we mostly see it as a chance to get together with friends and have a day off of work. I'm not sure that most of us use it to reflect on the costs of our freedom and to remember how we obtained it so that we can remain free. Our pastor was trying to implore us to do that. I would call his Sunday speech a talk more than a sermon as there wasn't any scripture referenced but it was good, productive and necessary all the same. We as a nation do not understand the evil that is descending upon us and the protections by God we have been afforded due to our faith in Him. As we tell Him more and more each day that we don't want Him in our lives, in our families and relationships, in our businesses, in our schools, in our government, He is obliging us. God will never require anyone to love Him. And our pastor's talk turned out to be one of the components of a major turning point for our family.

Dennis (my husband) has a deep concern for politics in our country. It's part of who he is as a person. His service to the Lord has been held back by his concern for the safety of his family. In our country right now there is talk of a "national terrorist list" that is rumored to contain the names of "radical" (read fundamental, non-conforming) Christians. I don't know the truth of this matter but our adversary (the devil) has successfully scared plenty of Christians into hiding. On this July 4th Sunday, after hearing Pastor Mike speak, Dennis knew that he now would have to give us (myself and our children) up to the Lord and embrace his calling, even if it meant severe consequences. Interestingly I had my own revelation that intersected his.

Until Sunday, I was never quite sure if I could stand a test of physical torture without renouncing my faith. So many of our fellow Christians die around the world because they won't stop worshiping God or renounce Jesus Christ as their savior. I desired to be that faithful but in my heart I wasn't sure. It seemed as if I woke up on Sunday with the revelation that I am ready to die for my faith. I'm sure there were hours of prayer and some Bible reading in between but it seems like it was my first thought of the day. I told Dennis I had a proclamation and asked him for his full attention. He was doing laundry before church and he stopped to listen. I needed him to know how serious my conclusion was and that it wasn't an off the cuff, casual thing. I was finally ready to die for my faith. I knew exactly what I'd do if ever faced with it - I would pray for those inflicting the torture - and I knew God would be with me and strengthen me. And I knew that our life was about to take a turn. When Pastor Mike spoke on Sunday and Dennis came out of church completely convicted and sharing with me that he knew he had to now take action politically, I knew even more that things were about to change. I'm not sure how our revelations will play out but one thing is for sure. In the end we want to be known as faithful servants of the Lord God Almighty.

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